Flexible centrifugal conveyor system
for plastic housings

Centrifugal conveyor system with vision camera

Plastic housings

Component variants
12 (Component length 60-110 mm)

up to 120 parts/min.

Component position
1-ply, upright

  • NAK-Zentrifugalförderer zur schnellen Zuführung
  • Flexible Förderzentrifuge von NAK aus Nordbayern
  • NAK-Förderband mit Messerkante

Special features

  • High output rate
  • Changeover of variants at the push of a button (“software chicanes”)
  • Very quiet
  • Gentle on parts, as components and their surfaces are not exposed to permanent vibrations
  • NAK conveyor belt with knife edge and integrated centre motor for table mounting with centring sleeves
  • Foldable acrylic glass lid – latches at 90/180 degrees